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About the Area

With its address at 4100 Donald Douglas Drive, Long Beach, California, 90808, the Long Beach Airport (LGB) is situated just near the borders of Orange County and Los Angeles County. Just 20 miles away from this airport is the bigger and busier Los Angeles International Airport, more popularly known as LAX.

Given its close proximity to LAX, Long Beach Airport is most commonly used for transporting military, cargo, domestic commercial passengers, and general aviation services. In addition, as this airport is located near residential areas, it has one of the strictest ordinances in the United States limiting any airport noise.

Airport Facilities, Services & FAQ

Based on passenger boardings, the Long Beach Airport ranks 10th in the list of busiest airports in the state of California. Internationally, it is also one of the busiest general aviation airports.

With its very strict noise abatement program, the city, under the municipal law of Long Beach, has the power to criminally prosecute the owner of an aircraft as well as its pilots if they ever break the ordinance.

The history of the airport stretches back to 1923 when it was created. Although from 1909 to 1919, Long Beach’s seven-mile beach served as its “airport.” But in 1923, Barnstormer Earl S. Daugherty persuaded the city council to utilize the site and turn it into its first municipal airport. It was then initially called the “Daugherty Field.”

The LGB has three asphalt runways currently, as two runways were permanently closed in 2016. The airport covers approximately 1,166 acres with a 60-foot elevation. It also has six helipads. In September 2020, the Long Beach Airport managed 293,587 aircraft operations with an average of 804 each day–86% of which was for general aviation, 11% for airlines, 3% for air taxis, and less than 1% for the military.

The airport holds 369 aircraft, 224 of them being single-engines, 41 jets, 58 helicopters, and 46 multi-engines.

The Long Beach Airport offers commercial services to 16 non-stop destinations with five airlines.

There are a total of 11 shops and restaurants at Long Beach Airport.

Aside from the Los Angeles International Airport, another airport alternative near LGB is Orange County’s John Wayne Airport (SNA), which is only 25 minutes away from LGB.

If you plan to park and fly, the Long Beach Airport offers a park onsite service. Lot A costs $19 per day of parking as it is located directly across the terminal while Lot B costs $17 each day.

Ideal for business and leisure travelers, the new “resort-like” passenger lounge at the LGB offers free Wi-Fi that can support any portable and compatible electronic device. Wi-fi coverage reaches all parts of the airport from the passenger lounge to the rental car areas. In addition, the new lounge is equipped with seating options with electrical outlets that allow travelers to plug-in their devices while waiting.

Are there car rental facilities?

The Long Beach Car Rental Facility is located just right across the street from its terminal in the Airport Ground Transportation Center.

Popular Destinations

There are 11 gates in total at the LGB, which are divided into the North Concourse and the South Concourse. The North Concourse, which is the larger one, holds three airline occupants while the South Concourse holds two airline occupants. The South has gates 1 to 4 while the North has gates 5 to 11.

The Top 10 Destinations with the busiest routes from the Long Beach Airport are the following:

  1. Oakland, California
  2. Salt Lake City, Utah
  3. Sacramento, California
  4. Las Vegas, Nevada
  5. San Jose, California
  6. New York – JFK, New York
  7. Seattle/Tacoma, Washington
  8. San Francisco, California
  9. Phoenix – Sky Harbor, Arizona
  10. Honolulu, Hawaii

Additionally, domestic commercial passenger destinations are the following:

  • Phoenix – Sky Harbor, Arizona
  • Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Honolulu, Hawaii
  • Austin, Texas
  • Portland, Oregon
  • New York – JFK, New York
  • Seattle/Tacoma, Washington
  • Reno/Tahoe, Nevada
  • San Francisco, California
  • Boston, Massachusetts

For cargo, these are the top destinations:

  • Fort Worth/Alliance, Memphis, Tennessee
  • Louisville, Kentucky

As of 2020, the total passenger traffic recorded was 3,584,203.