Flights From Anchorage to Seattle

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Anchorage To SeattleFind The Cheapest FlightsHow do we offer the best prices?

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What is the average price of plane tickets from Anchorage to Seattle?

One-way flights from Anchorage to Seattle typically range from $250-$300. However, tickets under $200 or just a little over $100 do become available. With our help, enjoy 30%-40% of savings!

How long does it usually take to fly from Anchorage to Seattle?

It takes an average of 3.5 hours to fly from Anchorage to Seattle non-stop. Distance from Anchorage to Seattle is roughly 1,442 miles.

Arriving in Seattle

Seattle offers plenty of attractions for the intrepid and anyone looking for a great holiday. The Space Needle is a prominent landmark and a must-visit for many. For nature lovers, check out Snoqualmie Falls and the Japanese gardens within Washington Park. Madison Park is close by.

History and art lovers will have a fine day at the Gasworks Park, the Seattle Art Museum, and the Experience Music Project museum. For family-friendly places to visit, head to Greenlake.

You might also want to check out Whidbey Island, a hidden gem that offers fun and relaxation. Pikes Place Market is perfect for anyone who enjoys shopping and seafood. While you’re there, sample the steaks, sushi, and other delicious foods and drinks that Seattle offers.

Useful Air Travel Tips

Are you interested in finding out what type of plane you’ll be traveling on? Perhaps you’d like to know if there are any medical conditions that can prevent you from flying, and when to put on compression socks if you suffer from leg swelling on long flights. Check out our air travel guide to find out all the info you need for your next trip.