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How much do flights from Denver to Phoenix usually cost?

Plane tickets for one-way flights from Denver to Phoenix come at an average cost of $53.10. You’ll be looking at $106.20 for roundtrip tickets. We can help you save as much as 30% to 40% on your tickets!

How long does it usually take to fly from Denver to Phoenix?

Phoenix is 586 miles away from Denver and it takes about one hour and 55 minutes to fly from one to the other.

Arriving in Phoenix

Phoenix is the capital and most populous city in Arizona. It is the fifth most crowded city in the United States, known for its year-round sunny weather and warm temperature. It houses a metropolitan area known as the Valley of the Sun.

Visit the Desert Botanical Garden for its cacti, trees, and flowers from all around the world spread across 55 acres. A team of horticulture staff is hard at work, ensuring the plants and trails are properly cared for.

On weekends, explore the great outdoors and hike the Camelback Mountain which is 2,704 feet high. The hike is relatively quick and the mountain is located in the middle of Phoenix Valley with great views, making it an excellent tourist outdoor activity.

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