Missed your Connecting Flight Due To A Delay? Here’s What You Need To Do

Missing a flight is probably one of the worst things that can happen to a passenger. Apart from the immediate feeling of panic, booking a rescheduled flight is rather costly and quite impractical. But what should you do if the reason for missing your flight is not within your control? Are you still on your own, or is the airline partly responsible? Here’s what you can do in case this unfortunate experience happens to you.

Missed connecting flight caused by airline issues

Airline mishaps happen all the time and while they are common occurrences, they can be quite an inconvenience for the passengers. These issues can range from mechanical problems to aircraft arriving late, and it’s certainly not the passenger’s fault that these things happen. In case you experience this in one of your travels, the airline should assist you in rebooking the next possible flight.

If it so happens that the next outbound flight is scheduled to depart the next morning, the airline should either help you find another airline with a more convenient schedule or provide meals and accommodations. Do keep in mind that these are only voluntary, and airlines are not technically required by the law to make these arrangements for the passengers in case these kinds of delays happen.

Missed connecting flight caused by bad weather

Inclement weather can cause significant delays in scheduled flights. Even if weather forecasts may have reported favorable weather conditions for air travel, it’s still possible that flight delays can still happen and it’s understandably not within the control of the airlines. This can also be a reason why some passengers might experience a short layover period and end up missing their connecting flight.

If this happens, they will still assist you in booking another flight but there may be a possibility that they will not offer any compensation for accommodations or meals. That’s why it’s highly advisable not to travel without an extra budget because you can’t really depend on airlines to provide compensation all the time in case of delayed flights.

Missed connecting flight due to personal reasons

Stuck in traffic? Unexpected family emergency? If you suddenly find yourself in a pickle on your way to the airport, do not panic. It’s understandable to feel this way, but try not to worry too much! It’s a given that these situations are very inconvenient but if you keep a level head, it’ll be easier for you to sort things out.

If you still haven’t reached the airport, the first thing to do is to contact your airline and explain your situation. You should easily find their contact number via the airport’s website. Booking another flight is better than canceling the trip altogether, so you can ask your airline to assist you in doing so. Take note that you might have to pay for the price difference if ticket prices have gone up since you last bought your ticket.

If you’re already at the airport, approach the ticketing counter, and explain what happened. You can ask them for assistance in booking the next available flight or rescheduling it for another day. Find out what services the airport you are at offers to people who miss their connecting flights.

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