Top Travel Tips for Flyers

Between ensuring your baggage meets the weight criteria, checking what counts as a liquid, and paying for overpriced and unhealthy airport snacks, flying can be a stressful experience. We’ve been flying around the world for many years, and with all those air miles under our belts, we’ve collected a ton of helpful tips to make every journey go smoothly, allowing you to arrive at your destination feeling relaxed.

Download your airline’s mobile app

Streamline your travel adventure by downloading and using your airline’s app ahead of your trip. The majority of companies have an app that’s usually free to download, with some even offering onboard entertainment through the app – great to keep kids occupied, or help you to relax during your flight.

Make sure your reservation details are logged into the app, and then you can bypass the long queues when you go to check-in. Head straight for security, and off you go.

Prepare a sleeping kit

Flying can be incredibly tiring, and leaning against an unforgivingly hard window, squashed in a middle seat, or trying to rest next to the aisle is just not going to cut it. Packing a couple of small items in your carry-on luggage will make your trip much more pleasant, and ensure that you land feeling as refreshed as possible.

A comfortable travel or backpacking pillow allows you to rest your head while supporting your neck. An eye mask is a necessity as the light within the aircraft can be harsh, and it’s almost impossible to achieve a restful state with the bright light. Earplugs will keep out any surrounding disturbance and can be slipped into your pocket, but if you’re a regular flyer, you may wish to invest in a pair of noise-canceling headphones.

Pack some snacks

Airport food is notoriously expensive and travelers often resort to easy-to-eat chips and candy, however by packing a few healthy snacks you not only save money but will arrive at your destination feeling better than you might have done. Nuts and fruit, slices of carrot and energy bars are all great for popping in your bag. If you can, take a little more than you think you’ll eat on the flight. That way if you arrive at your hotel after the kitchen has closed, you won’t be hungry.

Use your layovers 

If your flight includes layovers, make sure you find your next gate, and check that your flight is on time. Once you’ve confirmed these details, although it’s tempting to sit down, don’t. Now is the time to counteract those hours spent sitting on the plane by going for a stroll. Many airports have activities to occupy travelers, including movie theaters, art galleries, and even gardens to enjoy some much-needed relaxation. Don’t forget to rehydrate while you’re enjoying a leg stretch.

While we’re on the subject of water – remember to pack a reusable water bottle. Most airports have fill-up facilities, and you’ll save money by not buying pre-bottled water. Flying often results in dehydration due to the elevation and recycled air, so it’s important to stock up on fluids.

Charge your devices and use downloads

Spend time before you leave for the airport downloading e-books, movies, and music. Not every flight offers entertainment, and in-flight WiFi can be slow and expensive, so if you have a movie you want to catch or the new e-book by your favorite author, now is the perfect time to indulge yourself.

Don’t forget to charge your devices as part of the preparation before you leave home. You can’t always locate an open outlet at the airport, or it may take longer than usual to get through security, leaving you short of time.

Whether it’s an internal or international flight, it pays to prepare. This way you enjoy a hassle-free trip and get your break off to a great start.

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