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How much do flights from Belfast to Edinburgh cost on average?

A plane ticket from Belfast to Edinburgh would cost you around £61. With our services, you can get approximately 30% to 40% savings on your airfare.

How long does it usually take to fly from Belfast to Edinburgh?

To fly to Edinburgh, it would take you roughly four hours and 20 minutes, covering around 240 kilometers.

Arriving in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a beauty and you would not want to miss a single part of it! Be sure to see the historic Edinburgh Castle that is nestled at the top of a volcano (do not worry, it’s extinct). It is one of the most iconic places you will see there.

If you’re into something spookier, check out the Blair Street Underground Vaults and take a tour there.

For those that want a photo op, be sure to head to Camera Obscura, a place where you will enjoy illusions! It has been loved since 1835.  

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