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What is the average price of flights from London to New York?

The average price of flights from London to New York is £311 USD. Our flight search platform can help you find discounted airfare and save up to 30-40%.

How long does it usually take to fly from London to New York?

Flying from London to New York city usually takes about 8 hours and 15 minutes. There are approximately 3,470 miles between London and New York.

Arriving in New York

“The City that Never Sleeps”! New York City has 5 boroughs, which include the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island, where the Hudson River meets the Atlantic Ocean. The fifth borough is Manhattan, which is referred to as “The City” and is home to some of the world’s major commercial, financial, and cultural centers.

New York City’s major tourist attractions are known all over the world! You can go to iconic sites like Central Park, Strawberry Fields, Fifth Avenue, Rockefeller Center, and Times Square for the authentic New Yorker experience. Go and marvel at the Statue of Liberty up close from the Staten Island Ferry, and have wonderful photo opportunities at the glorious Empire State Building.

Apart from the many must-see attractions, the local colors and unique flavors should be experienced by any tourist going to NYC. New York is known for being the home to hundreds of parks. You can check out The High Line, Sheep Meadow, Bethesda Terrace and Fountain, Bow Bridge, and Bryant Park.

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