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How much do flights from London to Glasgow typically cost?

The average cost of a direct flight from London to Glasgow is £126.99. But when you book with us, you can get as much as a 40% discount on your ticket price.

How long does it usually take to fly from London to Glasgow?

The average flight time from London to Glasgow is one hour and 23 minutes. There is an approximate distance of 596 kilometers or 370 miles between the two cities.

Arriving in Glasgow

Glasgow is a port city located on the River Clyde, in the western Lowlands of Scotland. It is famous for its sophisticated Victorian and art nouveau architecture.

As most port cities, Glasgow became famous for its prosperity due to trade and shipbuilding in the 18th to 20th centuries. The rich legacy and culture lives on as the city is now the country’s national cultural hub and home for a number of Scotland’s most prominent institutions such as the Scottish Ballet, Scottish Opera, and the National Theatre of Scotland. It’s also dubbed as the music capital of Scotland.

The Gaelic name-meaning of the city is “lovely green place”, which is only fitting as it houses 70 parks and open museums. As a cultural centre, it also houses art galleries, museums, concert venues, and some of the country’s world-renowned festivals.

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