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Atlanta to Miami
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How much can you expect to pay for a flight from Atlanta to Miami?

Coming from Atlanta, the average cost of a flight is $104. With our company, save up to 40%!

How long does it usually take to fly from Atlanta to Miami?

Getting from Atlanta to Miami takes approximately one hour and 25 minutes of travel. The flight typically covers 594 miles.

Arriving in Miami

When arriving in Miami, you will find there is more to the place than beautiful beaches and waters. Make sure to visit the other places in the city as well! 

To get the best selfies for Instagram, visit Sugar at East, Miami. This hotel and luxury residence boasts amazing views that are sure to be a visual treat. 

Of course, we cannot forget the highlight. Have fun in and out of the water while relaxing in white sand beaches. The best time to head there is during the summer.

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